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New Approaches to Adult Education and Distance Learning in the Context of Displacement

The “International Forum on New Approaches to Adult Education and Distance Learning in the Context of Displacement” was held in Ankara under the Component of Turkish Language Training for Adults of the Turkey Resilience Project in Response to the Syria Crisis (TRP) implemented jointly by the General Directorate of Lifelong Learning of the Turkish Ministry of National Education (MoNE - GDLL) and United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). 

Through the project, more than 70,000 adult Syrians received the Turkish Language Training with “Blended Learning Model”, including distance learning as well, at 53 Public Education Centres in 10 provinces of Turkey. The Turkish Language Training for Adults is a first in the world in terms of its innovative model in distance learning and number of people trained. The Turkish Language Training for Adults aims to empower Syrians of 18 years or older living socially and economically in Turkey and contribute to their social and cultural cohesion. In this context, the Turkish Language Training has been designed based on the four basic language skills identified in the European Language Portfolio - reading, listening, speaking and writing - in a manner to equip SuTPs with the language skills they will need in order to support their participation in economic, social and cultural life. By this objective, training contents suitable for the new framework programs considering the different levels were prepared for participants and Turkish Language Training at A1, A2 and B1 levels was provided to the SuTPs between the ages of 18-75, with 70% of the trainees being women. The objective is thereby to promote the participation of women SuTPs in Turkey in economic and social life.

During the event that brought together development, humanitarian and education communities, national and international experts discussed innovative education and learning models, education of vulnerable groups including refugees, learning challenges, and distance learning systems. For more information about the event visit the Website… and watch recorded session from


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