MOOC in EBSN Capacity Building Series - Workplace Basic Skills Learning: Policy and Practice




EBSN is glad to announce its upcoming online courses on EPALE. The two courses will run simultaneously. One of the courses is focusing on training programs and policies about basic skills at the workplace. The course registration and enrolment are open from 4 October. 


The aim of the course

This MOOC is focusing on the policy and practical perspectives of workplace basic skills learning programs around Europe and beyond. The goal is to give a basic overview on the potentials and challenges in designing and conducting basic skills training programs at workplaces to policy-makers, adult learning professionals and other stakeholders in the development and implementation initiatives linked to the Upskilling Pathways recommendation of the EU. 


Target audience

Anyone who is working on the national implementation of the Upskilling Pathways (or any projects and initiatives directly linked to it) and family literacy initiatives can find relevant and up-to-date information and will have the opportunity to reflect on the their national context and have the chance to learn form other participants interactively. However the online course is especially useful for the professional work for:

  • policy-makers and decision-makers in the adult learning sector (European, national and local level: from ministries, executive agencies to AL institutions),
  • other first-line workers serving the target group, including representatives of public employment services (PES) and employer organisations, chambers, trade unions,
  • relevant authorities at the local, regional and national level, but also European institutions/organisations active in the field.


The Course Plan

Course phase


Thematic focus(es)



Week 1 

21-25 OctoberKey policies in the EU

Opening webinar (presentation of the course, Q&A)Moderated reflective activitiesWritten learning journal based on reflective questions

Cäcilia MärkiTamás Harangozó

Week 2


28 October - 1 November

National Policies, Programs, Initiatives and Projects

Expert webinar on national practicesModerated reflective activitiesWritten learning journal based on reflective questions

Cäcilia MärkiTamás Harangozó

Week 3

4-8 November

Data and Research about Workplace Basic Skills

Moderated reflective activitiesWritten learning journal based on reflective questions

Cäcilia MärkiTamás Harangozó

Week 4 

11-15 November

Course evaluation

Closing the courseawarding badges to participants

Cäcilia MärkiTamás Harangozó


Completion of the course

The course materials is designed in a way that participants can access the weekly resources any time. The completion of the course is awarded by an EBSN CBS open badge that is compatible by the Badgr backpack of open badges. The criteria of the course completion are the following: opening and covering the resources; taking part in webinars; submitting a short learning journal for all the four learning weeks.Most of the materials will be brought to participants from the repsective OER unit's content (EBSN CBS OER on Workplace Basic Skills: Policy and Practice), but there will be contributions from guest experts involved during the course too.


The course is free of charge and will be facilitated in English. 


How to register?

1. step: (If you have not yet registered to EPALE's learning management platform in the first MOOC) Register yourself with your e-mail and a username to EPALE's learning management system provided by Moodle. Follow the link, and click on 'CREATE NEW ACCOUNT'. Go through the details on Cookies Policy, and then agree to the MoodleCloud policy and MoodleCloud cookies policy. The final step is to give your personal information and log in credentials finish the registration. 


Access EPALE's Moodle hereEBSN CBS on EPALE


2. step: Wait for a confirmation e-mail, and click on the link sent to you to finish your registration!


How to enrol?

Registration and enrolments are open from 4 October 2019. After completing registration, sign in to Moodle with your credentials and click on Enrol me. All the materials will be made visible by 18 October morning for participants to get familiar with the course content.

Should you have any questions, contact us via email!



The Capacity Building Series of EBSN provides free open educational resources (OERs) and massive online courses (MOOCs) through EPALE, to help the implementation of the European Commission recommendations on Upskilling pathways in EU Member States. EPALE is funded by the Erasmus+ programme, as part the European Commission’s ongoing commitment to improving the quality of adult learning provision in Europe. The project is implemented with the support of the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA).


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