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It's a digital transition story and a fantastic experience. We have to make a book out of it.

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Renato Luti

In life everything changes, everything flows, but the changes seem to us either too slow or too sudden, like when you hope or when something unexpected happens to you. Beautiful are instead those that happen and you enjoy them in their course.  The digital transition of the AAAS group is one of those fantastic changes that the protagonists are enjoying like an endless lick ice cream.

Covid-19 has been a global phenomenon that has changed our world, all of a sudden. However, we have been able to adapt, after all adaptation is the specific behavior (virtue?) so that a living species does not go extinct.

AAAS put into practice all their ability to successfully navigate change, they responded by learning that even from negative or more challenging events they could bring out the best in themselves, sharpened their creativity and strengthened their motivation.

The project of History in the Island of Masks would tell the many stories that speak of adult learning during the difficult period of the pandemic and in the social restrictions it has entailed.

AAAS brings together the pages of this inspiring story to celebrate the vibrant part of the adult community and adult learning, to give everyone encouragement and hope.

In the Island of Masks, the AAAS showed, in fact, the courage of people to overcome challenges and overcome obstacles. Every good story has some struggle in it and this story shows how adult educators and learners have challenged doubts and preconceptions, overcome obstacles and tried to make a difference in their community and in the life of those days and days.

It is often said that people alone cannot really make a difference. Well, our history instead shows that they can do it, indeed they have done it and are continuing to do it. It's not just a fantastic story, it's also a success story.

The teaching and training of adults involves attention to the person and the proposal of practices with enveloping nuances. This will emerge and will be perfectly represented in the collection of documents, blogs, impressions and comments of the protagonists and protagonists of .... digital fantastic history, reflecting AAAS' great passion for inclusive practice in adult education. Those who have driven this ship to the Island of Masks are animated by a clear mission: to build the skills and knowledge necessary to participate fully and actively in society. The vision that inspires everyone can see by reading the story.

This story shows that learning spaces can be anywhere, both virtual and physical, but every place is perfect for learning when teaching knows how to convey synergies towards growth and waiting for the result. The learning process, if something or someone does not stop it is perennial, so it is to be hoped that every learner at any age will meet the trainer, the educator, the visionary teacher who will lead him to the goal.

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