International Network of Education for Work (INEW) is looking for cooperation partners in Europe


The International Network of Education for Work, INEW is based in Argentina and its name in Spanish is Red Internacional de Educación para el Trabajo (RIET). The network’s general objectives are:

·  to generate a cooperative work space between vocational training and post-secondary schools on a global scale, aiming to improve the educational offer qualitatively and quantitatively, as well as the education-work alliance, collaborating with communities’ social and work-related inclusion processes

·  to create joint strategies between the education and productive systems on a local, regional and global scale, to reinforce the role of vocational training schools as relevant players for achieving more qualified workers, in accordance with the needs of the industry.       

Read more about the INEW on their web site,

INEW / RIET is eager to get in touch with European organizations working in the field of vocational training for adults, with a view to establishing a cooperation. INEW has recently also joined the European Basic Skills Network as associated member. The joint work with the EBSN has an enormous potential, since both of us seek to promote basic skills for all citizens, since they are essential to ensure their employability and their full citizenship. Both networks work toward social justice, access to education, and advocacy leading to a more inclusive society, with access to a quality education that allows the employment of citizens, and a dignified life.

If you would like to learn more about the INEW and become a member please contact Ms Lucia Levis, Institutional Relations Coordinator of the International Network of Education for Work:

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