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IDEA PROJECT - Mobile report about entrepreneurship teaching and entrepreneurial skills demand according to businesses



IDEA project: “Interactive toolset supporting Development of Educators of Adults’ skills in Boosting Entrepreneurship among NEETs” is a 2-year project funded by Erasmus+ Programme, which aims to provide adapted training, promoting an Interactive toolset for Educators of young adult people which will support the development of their skills needed for boosting entrepreneurship among NEETs.

The goal of IDEA is to extend and develop competencies of educators of adults in the area of entrepreneurial skills (in non-formal settings) through providing them with guidance and motivation strategies and equipping with an innovative solution: a toolset that allows Educators for assessing the skills of NEETs, propose them customized learning path and provide adapted training connecting young adults and real-life entrepreneurship.

The coordinator of the project is KEA IM Syrou (Greece) and partner organisations are: CWEP - Centrum Wspierania Edukacji i Przedsiebiorczosci (Poland), Markeut Skills Sociedad Limitada (Spain), CESIE (Italy), Kainotomia & Sia EE (Greece), Centrum Ksztalcenia Edukator Sp. z o.o. (Poland), Centre for Education (Spain) and Diciannove Società Cooperativa (Italy).


The first intellectual output of the IDEA project is ready! The IDEA app is available free and allows educators and NEETs to get detailed feedback on currently used entrepreneurship teaching methods by educators of adults, and about entrepreneurial skills demand by companies. Also, through the IDEA app, young entrepreneurs that they run businesses, less than 10 years, give practical advice to NEETs so they can start their own business.

The mobile report is presented in an attractive form, having user experience principles in mind and allow users to discover the findings from various perspectives and filters, such as country, profession, and other measures. The mobile report is available through a web user interface on our project website and through a mobile app, IDEA app, for download on Google Play store (Android devices) and App Store (Apple devices). The interactive report interface and the mobile app is available in all project partners’ languages (EN, ES, IT, PL, EL).

The responsible partner for the mobile application is CWEP, and all the project partners assisted in the implementation of the output. Visit now and download the app!

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