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Graduates of MVEAR course eligible for warrant

MCAST graduates of the Master in Vocational Education Applied Research 4.0 (MVEAR 4.0) can now apply for a permanent teachers’ warrant. This approval by the Council for the Teaching Profession is a significant step in recognising the College as a key provider of initial teacher education courses and encouraging aspiring educators.

Individuals who are in possession of a level 6 qualification in a subject area taught in local schools and the full MVEAR 4.0 in the same (or related area) will now be eligible to apply for a teacher’s permanent warrant. This warrant is necessary to practise the teaching profession in compulsory education.

The MVEAR 4.0 is intended for professionals who are involved in education within a vocational context. It provides pedagogical training through an experiential approach by bridging the contexts of education and industry, both of which influence and determine the nature and scope of vocational education.

Participants are provided with opportunities to extend their knowledge, skills and attitudes to become more effective professionals within their area of expertise. The Master is a proactive response, shifting from the traditional education programmes to innovative practices within the context of vocational education in Further and Higher Education.

The Master’s course will start again in October. Contact the Centre for Professional Development for further details

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