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GoNature - Supporting Ways of sustainable living including inclusive and critical thinking

I proudly present our new Erasmus+ project GoNature - Supporting Ways of sustainable living including inclusive and critical thinking.

With GoNature we, organisations from Finnland, Portugal, Czech Republic and Austria, want to promote knowledge about more sustainable ways of life - follow a low-threshold approach to give people access to the topic and to support them in implementing a more sustainable way of life in their everyday lives.

Our approach is to reach them through family access. There are already good solutions for many problems and questions, some of which already existed at the time of today's generation of grandparents, but were only forgotten. Some of them have to look beyond the borders of their own country. So we're trying to get that knowledge back and revitalize the transfer of knowledge across generations. We want to pass ancient knowledge to young people and use digital tools to learn more about sustainable living, including inclusive and critical thinking, by playing a board game.

The learning packs and the game will be available for download as OER.

The learning packs contain following topics:

?Avoiding overconsumption and overproduction

?Water management

?Separation and recycling

?Urban Gardening/Natural Gardens

?Zero waste & run the household sustainably

?Green tourism and transport

?Green sports activities

?Volunteer for the environment

?Use of natural resources (wild herbs, ... for cleaning, cooking, body care, ...


The game doesn't focus on having a winner; Instead, it aims to encourage communication and discussion about various elements of sustainable living, including inclusive and critical thinking. In addition, task cards should encourage you to put theoretical knowledge into practice.

GoNature will use non-formal education, games and activities to promote mutual understanding and dialogue between generations and improve participants' skills in the field of sustainable living.


For further questions and tips, please feel free to contact us via



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