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The project “Digital competences for the Development of new didactical models for the Learning City” just ended. It was Università delle LiberEtà (ULE) first step towards the building of its digital lifelong learning centre.


  • Digital competences help teachers to improve the level of learning of their adult students
  • New didactical models give ULE the chance to provide more stimulating, involving and effective courses
  • Adults can learn in an easier and more productive way
  • The digital lifelong learning centre (Virtual Academy) supports the fulfilment of the Learning City together with the Municipality and all the cultural and educational institutions of the community.


Die Kärntner Volkshochschulen (VHS) gave its contribution during the initial phase of the project (first mobility) with the course “Innovative didactic with the new ICT” where Edward De Bono’s “Six thinking hats” method was presented with the aim of giving an effective technique for the evaluation of innovative strategic proposals. The method was applied to evaluate the digitization process in didactics and to improve participants’ soft skills about innovative didactical methods with the use of ICT.

CIDET (Centre for innovation and development of education and technology) (Spain) gave its contribution (second mobility) with the course “Digital competences for the development of new didactical models for the Learning City”, where new didactical models with the use of ICT for adult learning were presented.

GUnet – Greek Academy Network (Greece) gave its contribution with the course “Infrastructure and Services for Building a Learning City Virtual Academy”, where the ICT infrastructures to build a digital lifelong learning centre were presented and discussed. The e-learning Open eClass Platform to support distance learning, and the Open Delos Video platform aimed at videoconferences support were presented and tested.


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