EPALE mobile app is now available!

EPALE mobile app is now available!

Why limit your activity on EPALE? To help you always carry with you EPALE and its many contents and activities… we have a nice surprise for you.

EPALE is very thrilled to announce its new mobile app! Now you will be able to access everything you need on your mobile device.

The app is FREE for you to download and is part of the European Commission’s commitment to support and empower the adult learning community.

The new mobile app is available for iOS and Android devices. So, go to the Play store or App Store on your device, and search for EPALE to download and install the app! Now that you have downloaded the EPALE App to your device, things are smoother than you imagine. Be sure to get the most from the app!

...So, what should you do now?


Super easy! You can log in to your account by entering your EPALE email/username and password or via EU Login, as you do on the platform. Or, in case you are not registered yet, you can sign up for a new account on EPALE.


From the app menu, select MY EPALE. There you will find your Dashboard, your Trainings, your Groups and your Profile. Want to shift to another language and access a different version of the platform? In My profile, on the upper right, select your preferred language to shift from a language to another…  whenever you want.

Inside the mobile app

Virtual guide

Now that you are ready to explore the app, let’s have a look at the Menu tab, on the bottom, and at the main features of the new EPALE app.

The HOMEPAGE offers the latest updates and the most recent content, as you usually do to on the platform.

The CONTRIBUTE section showcases the latest content by format (Blog posts, News, Events, Resources, Community Stories) to explore what is going on in the EPALE community.

The COLLABORATE section lets you access all the collaborative activities on EPALE, such as the Communities of practice, Discussions, the Partner Search function, Collaborative Spaces, the Community of EU VET practitioners, and the brand-new Erasmus+Space!

And, the ABOUT section to get support from the Helpdesk, or consult the FAQs, or get more information about EPALE in your Country. Why wait? Download now the app from the stores!

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