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11 Jun

Digital environments: opportunities and challenges for literacy, learning and citizenship – The 2015 Summer Institute in Canada

Remote Event

The 2015 Summer Institute in Canada will ask how the move to digital has changed the notion of literacies and how a broader understanding of this change can contribute to an agenda for adult learning that transforms challenge into opportunity.

Dates of the Institute: 11th-12th of June, 2015

Early-bird registration for the summer institute ends on the 30th of April. Register HERE


To lay the groundwork for The 2015 Summer Institute, Canada The Centre for Literacy will offer a series of webinars on the topic of Blended learning and digital environments: Innovative practices in workplace and community settings across countries and developed in cooperation with the European Basic Skills Network (ESBN) on 7th, 14th, and 21st of May, 2015.


2 webinars in English and 1 in French will present models of innovative practice from Canada, the US, Ireland and France that demonstrate the possibilities of blending the best of adult learning practices with technologies.

1. English Under the Arches: Innovative Workplace Training by McDonald's USA (May 7, in English)

2. Blended Learning with Technology: Innovative International Examples (May 14, in English)

3. Formation hybride et à distance : innovations francophones (May 21, in French)


More detailed descriptions of the webinars can be found on the Centre's website here

Please join for some or all of the sessions. Register here

Event Details
As planned
Event type
Professional development event
Organiser name
The Centre for Literacy in collaboration with RESDAC and CDÉACF
Contact details
The Centre for Literacy
2100 Marlowe Avenue, Room 218
Montreal, QC, H4A 3L5
Telephone: 514-798-5601
Fax: 514-798-5602
Number of delegates
< 100
Target group
Academics, students, researchers in andragogy
Adult learning networks & organisations
Projects & partnerships
Media professionals
Theme addressed
Attending fee

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