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Conference "Education and Employment of Adults in Albania"

Today, adults need to learn continuously to keep up with the changing world of work and find employment in different rapidly changing fields. Lifelong learning becomes even more important now due to changes in the demographics, faced with an aging population. In Albania, the current levels of participation in adult learning are very low and little is explored on how to improve or maximize the resources and network of actors to improve the situation. At the same time, basic education remains a survival need for adults with fewer opportunities, who are stuck in difficult living conditions. The inclusion of adults of 29+ years with low levels of education and qualification while being long-term unemployed remains a national issue.  The project Supported Continuous Unemployed Learning - SCUL addresses the issue of insufficient basic functional skills of adults, and specifically the approximately 5,000 jobseekers  who lack professional and other soft and technical skills required to obtain a job. How can we facilitate an adult education system in Albania to support career development and job mobility with a special focus on the targeted group?

Key objectives of this conference are the following:

  • To share insights on the needs, dynamics and challenges of the adult unemployed jobseekers with low levels of education and low levels of qualifications.
  • To present, further discuss and  promote tailored services, diversified pathways and flexible adult learning offer, involving  formal and non-formal education, to better support the adult jobseekers.
  • To commit towards the development of a lifelong learning roadmap and future strategies for adult learning and upskilling in Albania.

Session 1: Understanding the needs and dynamics of the adult unemployed population with low levels of education through effective knowledge gathering and sharing.

Currently there is very limited targeted support provided to low skilled unemployed people in Albania. There is a need to establish a  support structure and develop capacities at the institutional level to address the issue. An integrated approach takes the analysis of the target group, its educational and socio-economic needs and the service delivery. The understanding is that education and employment services need to complement other social services. There is a need to develop specific procedures to support the target group with references to other social institutions in charge of complementary services. This approach is expected to create bridges between different key-actors in the provision of education, employment and social services, with the long-term ambition of building an integrated management system. Touching upon social, economic, statistical, psychological and educational perspectives, the session disseminates important outcomes of the SCUL project: the findings of the MINI-LAMP survey and the field work from community centers and local organizations concerning the target group[1] .

Session 2:    Creating and adapting a flexible adult learning system, involving formal and non-formal education for up-skilling, reskilling and diversifying pathways for adult unemployed learners.

Creating a flexible adult learning system involves developing different approaches to support low skilled job seekers to have access to and benefit from targeted quality training on basic skills required in today’s world of work. These include inter alia (a) building a curriculum in a participatory way with a mechanism to address individualized needs, (b) developing modular and digital training offer corresponding to the credentials systems, (c) adopting a multidimensional development of the concept of literacy in the Albanian context, (d) accommodating formal, non-formal and informal further training and learning outside and within labour market, (e) diversification of the providers, (f) consideration of the dynamic life-course perspective including learning environments, skills, educational decisions, person’s migration background and aspirations, socio-emotional and personal traits.

Upskilling, reskilling  and diversifying pathways for adult unemployed learners requires developing capacities for relevant institutions. For example, capacity building is needed in the implementation of the new systems and procedures, shaping the protocols for employment offices and other relevant institutions and agencies interacting directly with the targeted population. There is a need for building capacities of the institutions to tackle and deliver services effectively, creating coherency of the institution systems and systematic dialogues among actors to avoid overlap and confusion.  The session discusses the critical aspects to establish and functionalize a complete structure to support and enable the target group to continue further education, upskilling and employment pathways.

Session 3: Lifelong learning roadmap and future strategies for Albania; upskilling pathways of vulnerable adult communities and embedding lifelong learning in educational and occupational careers.

For adult education and lifelong learning to become a reality, a solid policy framework with a roadmap and strategies are needed to effectively steer the development and implementation. The key aspects of the policy development include inter-ministerial coordination at multi-level of governance,  financing lifelong learning to upskill the targeted groups, and setting goals for desirable outcomes for lifelong learning at different levels (individual, organizational, community, labour market, macro).  A number of areas for improvement in education and employment policies and institutional arrangements and structures are suggested to build pathways and strategies for upskilling pathways of vulnerable adult communities and embedding lifelong learning in educational and occupational careers in Albania.

VENUE: Rogner Hotel, Tirana (Antigonea)                         DATE: 26th of September 2022


AGENDA Monday 26 September 2022





09:00 – 09:45

Registration, Coffee, Snacks



9:45 - 10:00

Ppening session

Mr Klevis Hysa, General Director, NAES

Ms Enkelejda Bregu, Programme Manager, Employment and Social Polices, EU Delegation to Albania

Ms Monica Merino, Resident Representative, UNDP Albania

10:00 - 11:15






Moderator: Mr Eno Ngjela, UNDP Albania

Session 1: Understanding the need and effective knowledge sharing

Ms Bledina Bushi, Director, Multifunctional Community Center, Durres - Functional Literacy for Community Development

Mr Bledar Taho, Director of IRCA - Institute of Romani Culture in Albania

Mr Jonas Nicolas, UNESCO UIL – Statistical baseline of MINI-LAMP for functional literacy skills and contribution to SDG4

Mr Eno Ngjela, UNDP Albania: Presentation of Mini-Lamp

Questions and Answers

11:15 - 11:30

Short break, Coffee




11:30 - 13:00

Moderator:  Ms  Sonila Limaj, Skills Development for Employment Program, UNDP Albania

Session 2:  Flexible adult learning provision with diverse pathways

Ms Zamira Gjini, General Director, Ministry of Education and Sports

Public and Private VET Providers:

Ms Etleva Gjelaj, Director

Mr Ilir Tafaj,  New Generation

Ms Eila Heikkila and Ms Gerda Sula, Curriculum Experts,

Basic Functional Skills: Literacy, Numeracy and Digital skills

Questions and Answers

13:00 - 14:00

Lunch break

14:00 - 15:30


Interactive Session with Electronic Platform for Adult Learning in Europe, EPALE: Ms Aida Tiko

Moderator: Ada Shima, UNDP Albania

Session 3: Lifelong learning strategies for upskilling and employment

Keynote speaker: Mr Ivica Milicevic, SOLAS Ireland: Learning from other European Lifelong learning and Upskilling roadmaps

Ms Juna Miluka - Employment and Education Information gathering, analyzing and disseminating

Mr Martino Rubal Maseda, Statistician & Data Analyst, SCUL Recommendation for evidence-based policy making


16:00 - 16:15

Closing remarks

Ms Olta Manjani, Deputy Minister of Economy and Finance in Albania

Deputy Minister of Education and Sports in Albania (TBD)

 16.15 - 17:00

Reception and Networking



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