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Communities of Practice

Communities of Practice

Communities of practice are online groups where people with similar interests from the adult learning sector can get together.Join a community to meet like-minded EPALE members from across Europe and exchange ideas, resources and good practices.

Nordplus Adult contact seminar on cultural heritage and heritage learning 2018

14 members
Welcome to this private space for the Nordplus Adult contact seminar on cultural heritage and heritage learning! The contact seminar will take place in Östersund Sweden on 16-18 October. The seminar

Özel Eğitim Öğrencilerine Yönelik Materyal Geliştirme- special education students Material development

6 members
Purpose of groupDiscussing ideasTarget audienceAcademics, students, researchers in andragogyAdministrator/Moderatorabdullah öztürk

Jamtli Network

6 members
Gruppens formålJamtli Network is a network that was started at the Nordplus contact seminar held Oct. 16-18, 2018 at Jamtli Open Air Museum in Östersund in Sweden. The purpose of Jamtli Network is

Starter-Info für Mobilitäten zwischen Deutschland und England

4 members
Zweck der GruppeAustausch zu wichtigen Informationen, Begriffen und Diskussion zur Vorbereitung von Mobilitäten zwischen Deutschland und England.ZielgruppeNationale Netzwerke und Infrastrukturen für

Amélioration de l'aide à domicile

10 members
Objectif du groupeDévelopper des expériences et approches innovantes interprofessionnelles (aides à domicile, assistant-e-s de service social, ergothérapeutes, infirmi-er-ère-s, kinésithérapeutes)

Career guidance and counseling for adults/Karijerno vođenje i savetovanje za odrasle

37 members
Purpose of groupThis group gathers career guidance practitioners from the Republic of Serbia making the place for the exchange of experience, good practices, ideas, and materials. Ova grupa okuplja

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14 members
Purpose of groupOutreach is meant to:• to make people in different locations or groups aware of what a provider can offer (a marketing or recruitment strategy);• to mount learning programmes in

Self-Directed Learning - Challenges, Problems, Opportunities

3 members
Grupės tikslasTo bring together specialists - organizations and individuals, representatives of formal and non-formal education – who work in the field of adult education and are interested in the

Environment and STEM learning

21 members
Purpose of groupShare resources ,ideas and practice relating to the engagement of adult learners with environmental topics:Introductory learning about local and global issues including climate change

Erasmus+ KA1 puskaradio

11 members
KA1 puskaradio on tarkoitettu Erasmus+ -liikkuuvuushankketta suunnitteleville, toteuttaville ja siitä kiinnostuneille. Täällä voi jakaa kokemuksia hankehallintoon, liikkuvuuksiin, kursseihin

EPALE Ireland Conference Presentations

11 members
Name of community EPALE Ireland Conference Presentations Purpose of group To share presentations, notes and learning from the workshops and conferences EPALE Ireland held during 2018. Target audience

2018 EPALE UK Annual Conference

24 members
Name of community 2018 EPALE UK Annual ConferencePurpose of group EPALE UK will share the workshop slides and additional information from our presenters to delegates through this community of practice