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Watch the 2016 Adult Skills Conference live on EPALE on 6-7 December

In case you can’t make it to the Adult Skills Conference, EPALE has got you covered! All you need to do is visit this page on 6 and 7 December and you can watch live plenary sessions, as well as take part in written discussions with your peers from across Europe.


The Adult Skills Conference is taking place on 6-7 December! This is a great opportunity to see good policies and practices for promoting better opportunities for low-skilled adults, such as skills assessment, a tailored learning offer, validation and recognition of skills.

In case you can’t make it to the Adult Skills Conference, EPALE has got you covered! All you need to do is visit this page on 6 and 7 December and you can watch livestreamed sessions from the event. Together with our partners from the European Basic Skills Network we will be at the event providing live coverage, session summaries and other exclusive content on EPALE. To keep an eye on our latest content from the event, scroll below.

The Adult Skills Conference agenda

Livestreaming times (possible delays in agenda may occur):

6 December

10:00am–12:30pm CET (Official welcome by Commissioner Marianne THYSSEN; Why do skills matter? Keynote speech by Deborah ROSEVEARE; Developing adults’ skills – how to move from policy objectives to action on the ground? Panel discussion)

4:30pm–06:30pm CET ('What have we learnt today?' session)

7 December

9am–10:30am CET (Upskilling adults – why, how and with whom?)

1:15pm–1:30pm CET (Introduction to the country team work)

3:15pm–16:45pm CET (Keynote speech by Her Royal Highness Princess Laurentien of the Netherlands)


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