Training is key for sport providers in Flanders / Belgium

People like to unite. In sport and exercise they unite in a sports club, together with friends, or in community sports. Sports clubs usually unite in a federation and, similar to the unorganized sports, they are embedded in the community. In Flanders/Belgium there are about 80 recognized sports federations. They work together in the Flemish Sports Federation (VSF). Flanders has about 300 cities and towns, for sport and exercise they unite in the Flemish Institute for Sport and Leisure Policy (ISB).

The VSF and the ISB are in Flanders the two most important network organizations of organized sports. In both organizations offering training is one of their four core objectives. The sport-technical trainings are offered – amongst others -  in cooperation with the Flemish Trainers School (VTS). The own trainings offered by the VSF and the ISB are thematic trainings, customized support, a helpdesk and offering brochures, documents and tools. Some examples of the more than 50 different kinds of adult education offered by the VSF and the ISB are: ‘good governance of sports clubs’, ‘parents and clubs: one goal’, ‘from an urban sports department towards an urban eco-sport service’, ‘how to keep volunteers in your sports club’, ‘social media the sports club’, ‘neighborhood sports and employment’, ‘addressing sexual and physical intimidating behavior in the sports club’, ‘time management in a sports club’, ‘brainstorming in a sports club’, ‘IT apps for sports federations’, ‘dealing with conflicts in the sports club’, ‘accounting and taxation of the sports club’,....

Here you will find all the trainings offered by VSF, the ISB and the Dynamo Project (which focuses specifically on managers in a sports club). Each year more than 10.000 adults take a training organized by the network organizations for sport and exercise. Moreover also the sports federations and local governments sometimes organize trainings.



The author of this blog, Philippe De Witte, is coordinator of EU Sportlink. EU Sportlink helps sports federations, local authorities for sport and the sports clubs in Flanders with their contacts in the European dimension of sport and exercise. EU Sports Link is governed by the Flemish Sports Federation and the Flemish Institute for Sport Management and Recreation Policy.


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