Timeless will be timeless

Timeless will be timeless is the project devoted to enhancing the professional development of educators specialized in older adult education.

Timeless will be timeless is a 24-months Erasmus+ KA204. The project is devoted to enhancing the professional development of educators specialized in older adult education. In co-operation with older learners materials for learning English as second language will be elaborated dealing with both learning the system of English language and learning about cultural heritage chosen and contributed by older learners. Timeless is also meant to raise the appreciation of local and common European heritage, increase cultural awareness, foster intercultural dialogue through interpretation of common European patrimony.


In fluent modernity learning  is needed throughout life.

The older are learners, the less they are involved in older adult education. Moreover, in the post professional phase of life they often quit education as they are not aware that all adults need to be included in education notwithstanding their employment status. Learning is like breathing or living. In fluent modernity education is needed at all stages of life  for  knowing, being and belonging. On the other hand adult educators are rather versatile when they work with adults in the mainstream, but they might have difficulties understanding characteristics of older adult learners and their precious contribution to the contents of the educational programmes in which they participate.

Targeting directly adult educators (teachers, mentors, etc., especially those working with older learners) and older learners themselves basically the following will be developed:  

- an interactive database for adult educators, - a blended course for adult educators, - a digital book “Hidden Culture”: teaching/learning materials developed in co-operation with older learners in EFL and recommendations for adult educators.

The materials developed through collaborative learning will consider the learners’ needs, interests and aspirations. Educators  will enhance their knowledge on programming contents in informal as well as formal education focusing on social inclusion of older learners. The educational programmes will improve linguistic, intercultural and digital skills of the participants.


DomSpain, Reus, Spain Nikanor Ltd, Sofia, Bulgaria EUROGEO, Brussels, Belgium Usak University, Usak, Turkey Foundation for Innovation and Education “Zini”, Latvia Slovenian Third Age University, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Project number: 2019-1-TR01-KA204-073839

Dr. Dušana Findeisen is a teacher of English and French language and literature and  andragogue. On her own or jointly with her colleagues she introduced a fair number of innovations in theory and practice in the field of adult education: socio-cultural animation and education for local development, older adult education, Slovenian Third Age University, Summer School for Adult Educators. She contributed to the development of study circles in Slovenia, she co-funded the journal Andragogic Perspectives and is on its editorial board.  For five years she was an Age Platform Europe expert in the field of employment and education of older people, and an external expert of the European Commission in this field. So far she has coordinated and delivered about twenty-five transnational projects. She is currently the Head of the Institute for Research and Development of Education at Slovenian Third Age University. She is vice-president of DANET, Danube Networkers for Europe. She publiahed 5 monographs and several hundred articles. Research areas: community education, older adult education, dyslexia in adults, diversity in companies, but also burn out at work, identity at work, migrations and migrants, integrated counselling for older adults, film education in adult education, pre-reitrement education, socially engaged education of older workers, digital inclusion versus digital exclusion, functional illiteracy, etc. So far she has published 5 monographs and hundreds of articles.

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