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Retrospective tour of FFE activities in Hungary

Training days, workshops and the scent of coffee.

With the support of Foundations for Futures Europe project, the student hub at the University of Pécs  was characterized by vigorous conversations, devoted cooperation and a bit of relaxation during outdoor coffee breaks.  The programme of “EU Perspectives - Opportunities for Active Citizenship in Higher Education” on 30 September 2021, was organized and conducted by the Institute for Human Development and Cultural Studies, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences.


Despite the overcast weather, the atmosphere was serene. The following is a report from two participating second-year Human Resources Consulting Masters students.

Being in the groove

Bernadette is already working as part time, but she highlighted: “We would like to highlight how positive it was to have the opportunity chat over a coffee before the opening. Specially after the pandemic, we needed some socializing. It’s good that the opening training wasn’t overstretched, it was dynamic and down-to-earth, so the participants didn’t lose sight of it. The post-opening training was characterized by dynamism, already involving the creativity of the participants.” Bernadett added: “The task of the participants in the training was to create a creative montage on the theme of European existence, culture and citizenship. It was interesting to see that three completely different montages were made, I put different things in focus, highlighted different values, grouped things according to different aspects. Probably the reason for this may be that each team had different materials and newspapers at their disposal. The task had an invigorating effect, because everyone needed creativity, so every member of the team got involved. It was also good to see that after the presentations, the members of the groups – both Hungarians and international students – were still actively discussing the completed montages. "

Diverse compositions

Krisztián shared similar inputs: “After registration, we started the day with a delicious coffee as well as sweet pastries. The first program started at 10 a.m. with an FFE workshop that addressed the topic of active citizenship with the young people who appeared. The training was held by two of our ambitious experts for those interested. The participants, divided into groups, had great interest and diligence in the tasks.


Their task was to make a montage together, which they could use to cut out images from newspapers, with the help of which they had to present the specific country of the European Union. The composition of the teams was very diverse, as foreign students also took part in the assignments. The completed works were presented to each other in Hungarian and English. The success can also be seen in the fact that after the session, several young people stayed there before the glued montages and talked about the fieldwork with fun.”

Communities for the campus

At the same time, a program called Building Beauty Project f was launched at 10 a.m., which aimed to make the campus friendlier and more homely. In this block, several teachers and students thought together how the goal could be achieved. Here, too, participants were divided into groups and came up with ideas for the cause. The results of the program are still displayed today in the university building.


The following program was launched at 12 noon, entitled “My European Life” - roundtable discussion on world café culture, opportunities, career paths. A South African student's report was the most interesting, comparing his homeland and everyday life in Pécs.”


The program course will continued on November 12, where the 2nd Communities and Organizations Conference took place at the Pannon Hungarian House downtown to address the role of communities in our ever changing Europe. (The photos were taken by Viktor Hullay, student, and Adrienn Kiss-Márton, instructor.) Further information on the Foundations for Futures Europe project please visit therit FB page here.

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