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The NetMe-In Project: constructing a digital identity for the journey towards work

Social networks - whether professional or not - are used more and more in the recruitment process. If those with a high level of qualifications have very quickly understood and assimilated the codes of these new practices, this is not the case for a significant number of people in the employment market.

However, looking more closely at the profiles of the people who make effective use of these new tools, we realise that the emphasis is not on qualifications, but on the individual's experiences. Everyone has experiences, whether or not they are formal; the point is therefore to present these personal experiences in the digital environment in such a way as to promote employability with potential employers, regardless of the level of qualification.

This is the starting point of the NetMe-In project, funded by the Erasmus+ programme, and implemented in six countries (Croatia, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain and Turkey) by  ten partners.

The aim is to provide a 'tool box' of self-training modules available on-line (Knowledge Building Caps) on themes relating to digital technology and employment for three groups of people: those seeking employment, supporters and players in the business world. These KBCs are in the course of development. To construct this tool box, the project's partners have set up local support networks in their regions, putting those three groups of people in contact with each other, so as to enable them to contribute to the completion of these modules by collating their experiences and testimonies.These local networks are expected to become working communities, as well as to contribute to the establishment of a European working community involved in giving support towards employment through the use of digital technology tools.These last, arising from a training mobility integrated in the project context, are open to all,  allowing everyone to discuss and share the ideas arising from each individual's practices.

On 26 April 2017, within the context of the 4th EPALE Conference in Paris on the impacts of digital technology on life-long learning, the NetMe-In project was presented to participants in the course of Explorcamps which helped to clarify the project's issues, approach and current state of progress, while inviting interested persons to join the practising community.

The presentation medium used at the conference

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Il est en effet important de valider ses expériences concernant l'utilisation des réseaux sociaux numériques dans une démarche de construction ou reconstruction de sa carrière professionnelle. Cela peut passer par le dispositif de VAE pour les individus déjà engagé dans le monde professionnel ou bien en utilisant les dispositifs de l'Ecole de la 2ème chance pour les décrocheurs scolaire (NEETs).

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Merci Axel pour cet article.

Le projet NetMe-In est parfaitement ancré dans la société du moment et demande à ce que les conseillers, accompagnateurs, tuteurs, formateurs, pédagogues, médiateurs, etc. intègrent cette dimension transformante du numérique dans les conseils, les outils, les moyens offerts aux personnes en recherche d'emploi.

Les professionnels eux-mêmes ont aussi besoin de se former, d'être au fait de ces nouveaux besoins et des pratiques associées.

Sur les territoires partenaires du projet, développer une culture commune entre les structures professionnelles est un gage de réussite de l'accompagnement des personnes.

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