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Mindfulness in support of adult learning

Why it is important to take mindful micro-breaks and why mindfulness in one of the key skills in the 21st century?

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This workshop will explore various ways how mindfulness training can support both teachers/coaches as well as adult learners. Benefits include improved concentration, deeper listening and more empathy. You will learn about basic principles of mindfulness and highlights of relevant scientific studies. The workshop also includes short practices and opportunity for discussion.

Mindfulness according to Jon Kabat-Zinn is the awareness, that emerges through paying attention on purpose, in the present moment, and non-judgmentally to the unfolding experience. So why is it so important to accept the present moment as it is? Being in the present moment gives you a chance to accept lifes’ present circumstances as they are. Accepting the present moment as it is, rather than living in expectations, creates more room for happiness, calmness and peace. In addition mindfulness also creates a pathway for better stress tolerance, resilience and flexibility. According to World Economic Forum top skills in 2025 are active learning and learning strategies, creativity, originality and initiative, leadership and social influence, resilience, stress tolerance and flexibility, emotional intelligence, which all can achieved by mindfulness training. 

Benefits of mindfulness can also be used in adult education. According to research by Mindfulness Initiative “Implementing mindfulness at schools” (2021), benefits of mindfulness training for educators include:


  • more emotionally supportive learning environment (emotion regulation, empathy, compassion, relationship building)
  • Better classroom organisation (focus, attention, clarity, priority settings, engaging)
  • Psycho-social wellbeing (meaning and purpose, resilience, happiness)
  • Reduces stress and burnout (stress hormones, sleep quality, heart rate, blood pressure)


Why it is important to take mindful micro-breaks and why it is so essential to take them. What happens to your brain if you do and if you don’t. How much are you really present in your actions during the day? What kind of mindfulness exercises can you do, to get started with mindfulness and where can you find additional information? To find out, watch the recording of the workshop by Petri Pennanen. 


The workshop was held twice at the VII Adult Educators' Non-Conference in Estonia. Check out the video recordings here. LINK

Petri Pennanen is a senior teacher at the Center for Mindfulness (CFM), Finland. CFM Finland is the pioneer and industry leader for mindfulness and emotional intelligence training in Finland. CFM Finland maintains long standing and close co-operations with the Mindfulness Center at Brown University, with the Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute as well as with GENOS International. 


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