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Get to know all the Speakers

Get to know all the speakers of the EPALE Community Conference

Get to know all the Speakers

Day 1 - 6th October - All the Speakers

Keynote Speech - Donald Clark

Henrik Zipsane

Joe Houghton

Daniela Dandric

Clara Centeno

Oliver Simko

Celia Sokolowsky

Radek Czahajda

Day 2 - 7th October - All the Speakers

Martina Ní Cheallaigh

Graciela Sbertoli

Christianne Fenech

Jaap Koot

Anne Tastula

Jorge Oliveira

Clare McNally

Jan Evensen

Day 3 - 8th October - All the Speakers

Keynote Speech - Koen Timmers

José Roberto Guevara

David Atchoarena

Shirley Walters

Uwe Gartenschlaeger

Timothy Ireland

Maja Maksimovic

Gerhard Bisovsky

Laurentiu Bunescu

Gema Parrado

Tamsin Rose - biography

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