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Co-creation workshops for project TRIO

Co-creation workshops were held for the Erasmus+ project TRIO - Adult education on digital, health and data literacy for citizen empowerment.

TRIO - Adult education on digital, health and data literacy for citizen empowerment is an Erasmus+ project that aims to improve the three literacy levels of adults of all ages by developing a manual and an online learning platform, a toolkit for adult educators, and a Green Paper for policy makers and relevant European initiatives. The project started in May 2022 and is planned to be completed in March 2024 (see also

In February and March this year all partner countries (Germany, the Netherlands, Portugal, Romania, and Spain) organised co-creation workshops with participants from three different age groups (18-35, 36-50, and 50+). The goal of the workshops was to involve citizens in the construction of the learning material and to further analyse the current needs in terms of digital health information literacy. For this purpose a card game was developed. The first part of the workshop, after a short warm-up game, focussed on the main difficulties that people perceive in digital, health or data activities. After this, participants were invited to find their preferred sources of information for each of the chosen topics. The last part of the workshop addressed which digital minigames could help them with their learning needs.

Participants were enthusiastic to give their opinion on the topic and liked the playful nature of the workshop. The results will be used in the construction of the online learning platform and a summary of the workshop proceedings will be available per country on the TRIO website.

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