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The Association for Encouraging Children's Development "Big Small World" Implements Mobility Trips to Ireland within Erasmus+ Program

The Association for Encouraging Children's Development "Big Small World" implemented mobility trips to Ireland as part of the Erasmus+ program

The Association for Encouraging Children's Development "Big Small World" recently implemented mobility trips to Ireland as part of the Erasmus+ program's "Improvement of Skills of Associates" project. The main objective of the project was to improve the digital competencies and coaching skills of the association's educators.

Psychologists, Marina Bunčić and Katarina Ginić, and Radmila Kovačević, an English teacher,  participated in the mobility trip to Dublin in early August. The trip included a two-week course, "The Best Social Media and Web Solutions for your Classroom" and "Audiovisuals and Social Media for the Classroom." The course was attended by participants from schools in Germany, Finland, Hungary, Spain, Italy, the Czech Republic, Latvia, and Portugal.

The course aimed to improve the participants' digital skills, particularly in the use of social media and web tools in teaching. It also provided a platform for exchanging experiences and good practices, and networking with colleagues from different backgrounds and countries. The diverse age group of the participants, ranging from digital natives to older educators, made the course even more enriching.

The course was taught by two lecturers, each with a different teaching style. The first week was spent in the classroom, while the second week involved outdoor assignments that tested the participants' creativity and teamwork. The diverse teaching methods provided the participants with valuable insights into the dynamics and satisfaction that different teaching styles can bring.

Aside from the educational aspect of the trip, the participants also had the opportunity to explore the unique combination of history and modern development in Dublin, as well as other popular tourist destinations such as Glendalough, the Cliffs of Moher, Bray, and Galway.

The Erasmus+ program, offered by the Tempus Foundation, provides a valuable opportunity for educational workers to network, exchange ideas, and collaborate with colleagues from other countries. It empowers them to continue learning and improving their skills, while also fostering international cooperation in the field of education.

In conclusion, the mobility trip to Ireland was a unique and valuable experience for the participants, offering both personal and professional growth. The Association for Encouraging Children's Development "Big Small World" is proud to have been a part of the Erasmus+ program and highly recommends it to other organizations in the field of education.


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