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EPALE - Electronic Platform for Adult Learning in Europe

Erasmus+ Evaluation .

Share your views on the Erasmus+ programme

Willing to contribute to the Erasmus+ evaluation? Perfect timing!

Targeted consultations of programme beneficiaries, including adult learners and adult education staff, have just been launched.

Take the survey by 11 December!

Elsa Neophytou
EPALE Mobile APP: New Features.

EPALE Mobile app: What's new?

The EPALE Mobile app makes it possible to easily browse and consult the platform's content from smartphones or tablets.

We recently introduced some new features and improvements. Ready to discover the innovations?

Elsa Neophytou
changing skills.

Changing skills needs: how can people become employable?

How can policymakers address the problems of skills mismatch and the changing skills needs?

Read this blog post to know more about the megatrends transforming society and the crucial role played by lifelong learning.

Elsa Neophytou

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