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SmartFarmer e-Platform

The online training material - - consists of 3 modules which give basic information about Strategic Planning and Marketing of “smart” organic agro-foods*, Marketing Mix and Organic Farming, Quality Schemes and Eco-agriculture. The training material is divided into 11 concise units. Each unit includes case studies and practical exercises. In addition, Unit 5 includes a useful tool for calculating market price. Similarly, Unit 11 includes a simple and concise cultivation guide for key superfoods related to the project. 

The SmartFarmer training material can be used for individual, self-directed learning or as supporting material in training courses. You can study all of the material or you can go directly to certain modules/units in which you are interested. Upon successful completion of the SmartFarmer training programme you will be aware of the essential concepts and principles of marketing and the basics of strategic planning whilst you should be able to design business and marketing strategies and plans. Moreover, you will acquire knowledge about marketing mix strategies and you will be able to define the best approach for your own agribusiness and activities. You will also learn about EU agricultural product quality policy and organic agriculture principles, legislation and certification. Finally, you will be helped to evolve towards eco-friendly cultivation practices. 

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Συντάκτης(-ες) πόρου
George Adamides
Είδος πόρου
Ανοιχτές Εκπαιδευτικές Πηγές
Ημερομηνία δημοσίευσης
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