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Κριτικός Γραμματισμός. στα ΜΜΕ Οδηγός για Γονείς

This Guide has been created in the framework of the Erasmus+ project Media Literacy for Parents, one of the first projects specifically targeting parents and their own media usage as well as showing them ways and possibilities of educating their children to become confident, responsible and informed media users.

The project follows up on studies showing that the main target group of media and/or digital literacy programs are mainly children and youngsters but that the influence of their family surroundings, as well as their peers, largely outweighs the impact of such programs generally deployed at school. It is therefore important to train and empower parents to be able to fulfil their role as primary educators of their children also in this domain, an aspect the European Parents’ Association (EPA) has been advocating for since its foundation in 1985 when digital issues did not yet figure so prominently on the agenda.

The consortium consists of six partners from six different countries (Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece, Italy and Poland) and various backgrounds (national NGOs, European networks and companies). They have all brought in their unique experiences in the fields of adult training, parental representation, digitalization, media creation and cyber security to create a training program, a web application and this guide to support parents.

The objective is to help them in their quest for keeping their children safe online on the one hand but to make it possible that they can fully participate in modern society including in learning opportunities, democratic processes and leisure and cultural activities on the other hand, as digitalization can also facilitate self-expression, foster active forms of citizenship, and enhance creative communication.

We wish all users a fruitful read and we are happy to receive your comments and suggestions for improving any of the elements created.

Media Literacy for Parents Web App

The web application of MeLi for Parents aims to introduce parents to the topic of media literacy. The application includes several activities in the form of text, videos and quizzes that learners can access in order to improve their skills and knowledge in topics relevant to media literacy, such as online privacy, cybersecurity, cyberbullying, etc.


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Media Literacy for Parents
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Bardzo ciekawe opracowanie. W dzisiejszych czasach często to dzieci mają większą swobodę w poruszaniu się w internecie i korzystania z mediów elektronicznych. Nie znaczy to, że potrafią wybrać treści wartościowe i zadbać o swoje bezpieczeństwo. Dzięki opracowaniu można zapoznać się z podstawowymi zasadami dbania o bezpieczeństwo dzieci, można także pogłębić wiedzę, przechodząc do podlinkowanych materiałów.

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