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Erasmus+ Cooperation partnership (Key Action 2)
We are pleased to announce the project "Heroic Tales: Interactive Battlefield Guiding for Children," aimed at developing engaging and educational interactive digital content, including games and guided narrations for children visiting the Gallipoli Historic Site. Our project seeks to transform the traditional tour experience into a dynamic, interactive learning journey, making history accessible and captivating for young audiences.
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Erasmus+ mobility activities (Key Action 1)
We are looking for host partners in European adult education institutions and can be your host partner.
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Erasmus+ Cooperation partnership (Key Action 2)

ICEP Europe is an international research center of excellence which uniquely combines a range of educational, clinical and research psychology and learning technology expertise.

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Erasmus+ mobility activities (Key Action 1)

We are a Portuguese entity focused on adult learners over the age of 23, dedicated to recognizing personal, professional, and social skills acquired in various contexts throughout life. 

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Centro Qualifica Coruche
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