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European mobility traineeships and placements for groups in the Vocational Education and Training (VET) field

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*We provide suitable companies to the participants for internship with the social and cultural support needed during mobility.*Our team guarantees continuous communication through different channels (email, phone, whatsapp). It is part of our mentality to follow up every subject that the participants need.* We are very careful when choosing the companies for internship program. Internship places are prestigious places with a national and international position in the relevant field.* We evaluate the performance of the services with special needs analysis before and after all our trainings.* We have an experienced staff who provide full service to Erasmus + project participants in professional, logistic and cultural sense. Team members have been involved in project writing, management as a participant and have the experience to meet the needs of the participants.* Mobility certificates, Europass and Ecvet certificate are provided to Erasmus + project participants.* Our team organizes full / half board accommodation in the city centers, local transportation services, activities that promote historical and touristic places of our country, cultural organizations that provide integration and airport transfer for you.VOCATIONAL FIELDS:• Health• Care taking (for old people)• Food and beverage services• Automotive• Textile / Fashion Design• Computers / Software / Program• Graphics / Photography• Law• Computer Programming for Civil Projects / Civil Engineering• Furniture• Food Technology• Accounting-Commerce• Beauty Hair and Skin Care• Tourism and Hotel Management• Management-Business

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Partnership Details
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