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Erasmus+ KA1, KA2 and KA3 Partnerships

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The Directorate General for Relations with Civil Society is a public institution affiliated to the Ministry of Interior located in Ankara, Turkey.

The institution carries out procedures and activities related to civil society organisations (associations, foundations etc.)

  • with the mission of

contributing to the formation of a strong civil society integrated with the modern world, reaching a common mind by guiding civil society and becoming an organization that constantly learns and shares by adapting to changing and developing conditions 

  • with the vision of

contributing to the deepening of participatory democracy by supporting the social organization and improving the quality of life of the society.

We, as the Directorate General, are interested in entering into partnerships in Erasmus+ KA1, KA2 and KA3 projects.

If you have any questions or need any addional information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We are looking forward to hearing from you soon.


Best Regards


Büşra Öztürk

Directorate General for Relations with Civil Society


Partnership Details
Τύπος δραστηριότητας
Αίτηση χρηματοδότησης από την ΕΕ
Ανταλλαγή ιδεών/βέλτιστων πρακτικών
Προσομοιωτική παρακολούθηση εργασίας
«Εικονικό» έργο
Συζήτηση ιδεών

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