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EPALE - Electronic Platform for Adult Learning in Europe

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The Dynamic Formation Association Company Limited by Guarantee is officially registered on the 15th day of September 2023 by the Companies Registration Office in Ireland. The organization`s main activities focus on adult education (formal and informal), the provision of transl...
Daniel-Mihai Nedelcu
CEPA Guayafanta an insular adult learning center in La Palma, (the Canaries). We provide quality formal and no formal learning opportunities in four different villages in the island
MeetShareDance association aims to promote best practices in the field of inclusive arts practices and to foster an International Dance Network for individuals and groups working with dance and disability. We provide an educational program that offers dance classes, training, ...
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MeetShare Dance
Spain. Concerned to Erasmus projects in which we have been involved, you can visit the website:
Escola de Músics JPC Barcelona Spain
Community Contributor (Bronze Member).