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Provincia di Livorno Sviluppo Srl (PLIS) is the in-house company of Province of Livorno and Livorno Port Authority (the two sole shareholders), established on 31/05/2000, a local public Authority located in Tuscany with a wide consolidated experience in European Community projects implementation. The organizational structure of PLIS is composed of 16 employees with a permanent contract. It is the managing organization for the various programmes in which the Province of Livorno takes part as Equal, Interreg, Art.6 FSE, LLP, Twinning, Regional Programmes (POR CRO ESF), SPECIFIC PROGRAMME "CRIMINAL JUSTICE", Lifelong Learning Programme, Erasmus+, etc.                                                                      PLIS is a body for development, research, and training activities.

Its mission is the implementation of policies useful for local, sustainable development

It  is a training agency accredited by the Region of Tuscany, with ISO 9001 Quality Certification and has a great experience in management and coordination of local, national and European projects and initiatives whose central objectives are:

* job and social inclusion,

* gender equality, fragile subjects protection,

* active aging and active citizenship

* employment local strategies,

* training of workers through EU and extra-EU mobility

* economic development of enterprises,

* development of local strategies for the sustainability of transnational cooperation  and exchange of good practices at national and transnational level,

* promotion of policies/training on safety at work. (Day of H&S at Work).

In its previous experiences, PLIS carried out research, studies and developed training models to support the placement of disadvantaged people on the LM, outplacement of workers that lost their job.

It is fully involved in developing measures and activities to promote active aging and senior active citizenship through LLP projects as “Senior@work” and “Better Job for 50+” and  develops services for third and fourth age with the Erasmus+ “ACE”. By the project “TRIO” and its Moodle platform for DL (appointed by Provincia di Livorno), actively involves seniors in distance learning and face to face courses on various topics including ICT and English language learning.

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