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Sabedoria e Educação: um estudo com adultos da universidade sénior

Seen as a complex construct, multidimensional and characteristic of especially high levels of development, wisdom has been studied scientifically since the eighties of the last century. Research in this area has become particularly relevant in the context of the "life span" movement, which showed that adult life has its own developmental characteristics and importance. From this perspective, in adulthood and advanced adulthood there are losses and declines, but there are also gains and achievements, and wisdom is seen, without doubt, as a gain due to age.  Based on the theoretical revision accomplished, and in the context of the paradigm of Berlin, our main goal was to study the wisdom responses of retired seniors, who were students at a Senior University. Specifically, this study explore the relationship between the wisdom responses of the seniors and the factors of their life histories more likely to understand the levels of wisdom manifested. Since all subjects in the sample were involved in intentional learning processes, our interest was also to understand the relationship with key aspects of their life histories, given the importance in our society of education and lifelong learning. For the data collection, we have applied a semi-structured interview and a dilemma of life review to a sample of six subjects (with equal distribution concerning gender). All subjects of the sample had average-high levels of wisdom (between 4+ and 5+ on a scale of 7 points). From the analysis of the interviews, using the technique of content analysis, it was found that the participants have generally indicated several aspects as enhancers of wisdom, namely: richness and wide range of experience, mentor practice and generativity. Although the results are consistent with the empirical verification of the rarity of wisdom, they confirm the old age as a positive phase of development and reinforce the importance of education and learning across the life cycle, so that retirement could be a good and developmental time

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