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Financial Administration & Auditing Preparation for E.C. Funded Projects

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The H2020 Research Funding framework of the European Commission for the 2014-2020 programming period reserved the biggest budget portion for research that have ever been endowed from the EU budget before 2014. Projects funded under H2020 are still being run and are going to be subject to EC surveillance for as long as five years after their completion. That is why knowing and understanding H2020 financial rules is a must for H20202 projects managers.

This online course is an opportunity to grasp the basic principles for managing the EC funds under the H2020 framework. It is addressed to all those project managers, accountants, financial officers, who on a daily basis have to document and keep detailed information on how they spend the EC money.  We will discuss the EC’s audit approach to H2020 beneficiaries in order to reassure project managers in their interaction with auditors.

With the new programming period 2021 – 2027 the EU budget envisages even more important investment focus on Research and Innovation, with its new framework Horizon Europe. We will discuss the novelties – investment focus, financial rules and simplification.

Short Course Agenda:

Day 1

Legal Framework behind the H2020 Financial Framework and changes under the new programming period 2021-2027 Horizon Europe

The EC Financial Regulation – legal basis for EU funding, principles, management modes, control standards for a Sound Financial and Control Management system

The H2020 Budget and Multiannual Work Programmes

Horizon Europe 2021-2027 – how it steps on H2020 and how it differs (rules, reimbursement rates)

Participation in the Guarantee Fund – the EC risk reserve tool

The Grant Agreement and its Annexes – what the Commission wants from beneficiaries and what it awards them

Eligibility of costs subject to reimbursement

Common principles of eligibility

Direct vs. Indirect costs

Keeping records

Actual vs Unit costs accounting

Direct costs – Personnel costs

Productive hours and hourly rate

Supplementary contracts

Unit costs (SME owners and Natural persons)


Day 2

Direct costs

Subcontracting and Implementing contracts

Financial support to Third Parties

Travel and subsistence allowances

Other direct costs

  • Equipment
  • Administrative costs
  • Non-recoverable VAT

Indirect costs

General rules

Flat rate

Ineligible costs – identify and avoid errors from claiming them

How to treat Income from H2020 project?

EC Audits and conditions for final payment

Examples and questions

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European Academy
Σκοποί και στόχοι
Participants of the two days training will learn:
* The contractual requirements for EU funded projects
* Documentation and record-keeping requirements
* How to do document project finance
* How to correctly distinguish and record economic and non-economic activities
* How to identify eligible and non-eligible costs
* The differences between direct and indirect costs
* How to implement audit recommendations
* Differences between external and EC audits
* How to prepare for financial audits
* How to respond to pre-audit questions from the EC
* How to act during on-the-spot checks
* How to avoid disputes
Αναμενόμενα μαθησιακά αποτελέσματα
Course’s Benefits & Outcomes:
* Become familiar with the current EU rules
* Prepare accurate documentation
* Avoid compromising your project
* Avoid financial corrections and repayments due to incorrect financial recording
* Improve the success rate of your project proposals
* Increase absorption of your funds through simplifying application and reporting processes
* Find out how to utilise the financial and auditing control tools
* Find out how to avoid second audits
* Increase your organisation’s competitiveness
* Benefit from practical workshops and exercises
* Learn from best practice examples of our experienced speakers
* Benefit from key insights
* Receive tangible and actionable advice on your individual questions
* Network and exchange experience with peers and possible partners from across EU
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