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Star IT Euro

United Kingdom.

The Star IT Euro is producer on e-Learning products, services and solutions, develops digital learning content, courseware, digiBook (Interactive Book), digiBrochure (Interactive Brochure) and IT Training and Education services. We are specializes in creating e-Content, engaging, and entertaining learning experiences that incorporate innovation and creativity to enhance learner retention. The Star IT Euro was formed in England (The Headquarter) and Turkey (The Asia and Middle East office). 

Star IT Euro has over 16 years of experience working with more than 10800 hours of e-Learning productions, digital learning content developments, courseware, digiBooks and IT Training for more than 55 clients in Europe, Asia and in the Middle East.

Our team are specialised in wide range of e-Learning, digiBooks, digiBrochures and IT targeting with the aim of providing Information Technology development targeting all of the educational sectors with offering solutions, services and products to all countries around the world.

Star IT Euro can help you tap into this repository by creating custom e-Content based on your training needs. Custom e-Content is designed to meet the specific learning objectives defined by any educational center, company or organisation.“ Star IT Euro believes that learning operates on a continuum and is not isolated to individual training events. Our blended approach combines the appropriate learning modalities, technologies, delivery times, and accessibility options to create custom solutions that meet client learning goals and objectives in a broad range of learning environments. ”Our features:

Enabling Technology: We create the highest quality digital content curriculum possible, ensuring you receive the training and knowledge needed to succeed.

Providing Experiences: We have the learning and technical expertise to design and implement a full range of e-Learning and blended learning programs to engage users.

Case Studies: Explore the learning solutions we designed for our customers, leveraging the latest learning strategies and instructional design principles.

Commitment to Client Needs: Understanding the needs of our clients and delivering results that position them ahead of the competition.


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