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Family Learning

Developing a learning culture with the families to promote the children’s success at school.

The Luxembourgish Family Learning concept is set on three pillars:

  • Encourage the exchange between parents, schools and day care centres
  • Further adult education by providing training offers for parents
  • Foster the desire to learn, to discover and to read

Early childhood:

Parents are the children’s first educators. Keeping this in mind, the parents are given the necessary tools to promote their children’s education.

Primary school and high school:

Improving parents’ information regarding the school system, so that they can make better choices with and for their children regarding their educational paths. This reinstates the parent’s responsibility for their children’s’ education.

Within the framework of ‘Family Learning’ a number of courses are being organised throughout Luxembourg. The first one was held in conjunction with the Croix Rouge Buttek Echternach (a grocery store for disadvantaged families) and the Department of Adult Learning. It was geared towards families with children aged 0 through 16 years of age. The following subjects were treated: “picture books”, “arts and crafts”, “writing on a daily basis”, “syllables and rhymes”, “numbers and counting”, as well as “reading and writing”.

Pictured are: the participants who received a certificate of the first course held within the framework of Family Learning at the grocery store for disadvantaged families.

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