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Webinar Validation tools for volunteers

Webinar Validation tools for volunteers

Free webinar on validation tools in the voluntary sector13 June 2019 14:00 - 15:30 (max 90 minutes)

Join us in a 90-minutes Webinar on validation tools in the voluntary sector as part of a European Project called ImproVal. After a short presentation of the project and its initial findings, 4 guest speakers will give us the honour to present their tools and answer questions from the audience.

How to attend?Webinar is free of charge. There is no need to register prior the event. Webinar room will be opened on 13-06-2019 from 14:00  CET

Link to the Webinar room: https://zoom.us/my/improval

Guest speakers:

 Samia Fitouri, Communication Manager at World Scout Bureau Europe

She will present the tool Empower yourself

Miikkael Ringman, Development Designer at the Finnish Federation of Settlement Houses

He will present the tool NäytönPaikka

Luca Lóth, European Solidarity Corp volunteer at the European Volunteer Centre (CEV)

She will present the project Lever Up

Jelena Kamenko Mayer, Volunteering development Program Manager at the Croatian Volunteer Development Centre

She will present the Certificate of Competences Acquired Through Volunteering

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