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The former space for the Ílhavo Youth Forum, next to the Municipal Library, gains a new life and dynamism since January 13th. With its renovated interior spaces, it opens the door to science and technology, not forgetting the contact with the local culture of the Municipality, in particular with the long maritime tradition of cod fishing, the manufacture of the tradional brad of Vale de Ílhavo and, also, the production of porcelain from Vista Alegre. The "Shipyard, Ílhavo scientific station" will have as its main objective the promotion of scientific dissemination, allowing the development of scientific literacy and computational thinking, arousing interest in the scientific phenomena that surround us through practical activities in the areas of science, robotics and programming. With a focus on the school community, but also directed to the community in general and families, the Shipyard, will assume itself as an innovative offer within the scope of the Municipality Educational Service of Ílhavo (SEMI). Four spaces with different dynamics (Machines House, Wheelhouse, Messe and bridge) will provide maker experiences, robotics, molecular cuisine or even production of bioplastics and biodiesel, and even the stars will be under observation. The pedagogical project of the space is innovative, providing new challenges to its public, in an articulated bet between the City Council, the three Municipal School Groups, the University of Aveiro and local companies.

Partnership Details
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