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LEVER UP / Valuing informal learning and transversal competences experienced in the voluntary service to increase employability, social responsibility and mobility


LEVER UP intends to exploit the legacy of a first project, LEVER, developing results and products in terms of visibility, diffusion and scalability. The purpose is to raise the LEVER UP to a full-scale service, strongly integrated into the triple system that includes volunteering, vocational training and the labour market.


The previous project LEVER has developed an area of mutual recognition thanks to some fundamental products:

  • a standard of 13 transversal competences;
  • a toolkit with the operational tools to carry out the validation activities in all its phases (Identification, Documentation, Evaluation, Certification); was developed along with a Webtool, to be used by volunteers, tutors, assessors and validation centers.
  • a flexible training program was designed for tutors and assessors to be tailored locally.
  • an international network of future Ambassadors has been put in place.


Valuing and validating these competences on the basis of a recognized and common framework is an opportunity for the labour market, the voluntary organizations and for the volunteers themselves.

Asses an informal learning environment such as volunteering can provide profit and non-profit organizations with an effective way to nurture and improve people's transversal skills, with a direct impact on individual and business performance.

Validation of prior learning (VPL) contributes to access to training and qualifications for all. The common reference framework, on the basis of which the competences acquired in different contexts are recognized, facilitates mutual recognition between the subjects involved and mobility at local, national and international levels.

The focus

Improving the Model, as a user-friendlier reference frame for transversal competences and with clearer links to the European mobility tools such as EQF, ECVET and EUROPASS.Spreading it across Europe and the stakeholders (Volunteering, VET and labor market)

Laying the foundations for a full speed process of competence validation according the LEVER approach and for an operative Service Centre able to become the reference point for the LEVER UP system to work effectively at international and local level

LEVER UP project is funded by the European Commission under the Erasmus + KA2 Strategic Partnerships program.

The partnership

The project gathers nine international partners from Italy, Belgium, Poland, Spain and the Netherlands. They represent the premise of LEVER UP is to develop a core group of international actors.  Involved in the creation of a stable partnership, in establishing a continuing action over time. With the capability to foster the LEVER UP Service and the project results across European stakeholder groups: volunteering; civic service; vocational training; labour market and enterprises.

The partnership is Led by  Fondazione Politecnico di Milano (Italy) and includes: CSVnet Coordinamento Nazionale dei Centri di Servizio per il Volontariato (Italy), ECOLE-Enti Confindustriali Lombardi per l’education – Società consortile a R.L. (Italy), Fondazione SNS- Fondazione Scuola Nazionale Servizi (Italy), European Volunteer Centre (Belgium), Good Network Foundation (Poland), EC VPL European Centre Valuation Prior Learning (Netherland),Hominem (Spain), Anci Lab (Italy)

The associated partners

Three associated partners:  Regione Lombardia, Ufficio Scolastico della Regione Lombardia e Fondazione Creval.  

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