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School of Second Chance of Mytilene


The school of second chance is an institution across Greece, that gives adults a second chance to complete the compulsory education they missed as teenagers. As in all of Greece, the school in Mytilene provides basic skills that adults need to cope with when they work, need public services, have lack of social skills. The courses offered aim to enhance the skills of adults in the greek language, english language, maths, science, environmental studies, computer literacy, art and their social skills. Students who enroll to this particular school are not only Greeks, but many migrants as well, provided that they have basic knowledge of the Greek Language, so that they can follow the courses. 

What we are interested in finding partners for eu funded programs regarding adult training methods, such as peer mentoring. We are interested in training our stuff members in managing the challenges that arise at this particular school, due to the diversity and multiculturalism of the school, in the light of the recent events on the island of Lesvos. 

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