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COPING WITH COVID-19, Distance Digital Learning during COVID19 in ETF partner countries

This short report aims to describe what happened in the countries of the EU neighbourhood and Central Asian during the COVID-19 crisis. It documents the truly impressive achievements, while providing a reality-check for those who see the internet as the means to fulfilling the promise of education for all, whenever and wherever. This report builds on the mapping of the responses of 27 education systems in South Eastern Europe, Turkey, the Southern and Eastern Mediterranean, Eastern Europe and Central Asia. The analysis is based on desk research and interviews conducted with key informants, generally in ministries and national agencies, over a three-week period from 20 April to 13 May. The mapping aimed to find out about the nature and the extent of distance learning in response to the COVID-19 crisis, the methods used, and how it is managed, regulated and implemented. The investigation has focused on the uptake of distance learning across compulsory public education systems, and, where possible, also in vocational and work-based learning contexts.

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