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EEPO Review Spring 2015: Upskilling unemployed adults. Cyprus March 2015

Country: CYPRUSName of training programme: Placing unemployed new tertiary education graduates in firms/organisations to train and gain work experience.Short description and aims of the training programme: Placing degree holders in businesses and other organisations to gain work experience in positions that require a degree. Ran during 2014 by Human Resources Development Authority (HRDA). A certificate of training and work experience was granted upon graduation.Target group: Degree holders under 35 who are registered unemployed.Number of participants: 2 500.Duration of programme for the beneficiary (and amount of subsidy beneficiaries receive, if applicable): Up to 6 months. Paid EUR 125 per week minus 7.8 % employee social insurance contributions; 9.8 % employer contributions to social insurance covered.Target group or educational level targeted: Tertiary education degree holders.Eligibility Criteria: Must be aged under 35 years. Priority is given to the handicapped, orphans, single parents, married with children), and individuals who have been long-term unemployed.Funding source and total budget (share of EU funding, if applicable): ESF co-funded. Total budget is EUR 8.5 million.Types of skills (or qualification if relevant) delivered: On-the-job training relevant to the applicant’s education and work experience. A good match between the education of the applicant and the business/organisational environment is sought.Actors involved in the provision of training and their role: Run by HRDA with participating firms/organisations.Summary of evaluation findings: 50 % of those placed are employed 6 months after the end of the programme; 25 % in the firm/organisation which originally hosted them. The percentage employed is higher if the hosting firm/organisation is in the private sector (given hiring restrictions in the public sector under the MoU).80 % of participants state that the match between their education and the placement is good.Policy lessons: Offer schemes which address real needs (in this case, given the high unemployment rate of graduates) and match the skills offered with the needs of the hosting firm/organisation. Place no restrictions on the sector of work, as this may merely reflect pressures from lobby groups rather than the best prospects for long-term employment.References: The description of the programme is available at internet: evaluation. Internet:

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Louis N. Christofides, University of Cyprus
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