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Create entertaining applications and games which will help players develop their skills  or stimulate some thought...
Fashion Industry School Complex, with over sixty years of tradition in teaching and development of textile and clothing skills, is a modern public technical school teaching adolescents jobs linked with fashion industry.   We teach the following professions: • Clothing Tech...
SPÓŁDZIELNIA SOCJALNA HORYZONTY is a Polish social cooperative (social economy) founded in 2014. The cooperative was founded by 2 local associations, one of them is the Przystań Association. We work with people in a difficult situation - the unemployed, people with low qualific...
STOWARZYSZENIE PRZYSTAŃ (ASSOCIATION PRZYSTAŃ) is a Polish non-profit organization founded in 2001. We have extensive experience in implementing activities co-financed by the EU and more. We are open to cooperation with you as part of Erasmus plus in the following topics.   ...
Fundacja "Instytut Badan i Innowacji w Edukacji" [INBIE] promote equal educational opportunities to all social groups, and fight against social exclusion and support adult people at risk of marginalization. The target group of our non-formal education activities are youth and ad...