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Adult education in an interconnected world- Cooperation in lifelong learning for sustainable development

The volume is divided into three parts:

•Adult education – The international discourse addresses the central global discussions and guidelines which Heribert Hinzen is convinced are also becoming increasingly important for national policies and realities.

•The second part, Adult education – trends and practices, focuses on central issues such as vocational training, the professionalisation debate or the challenges of immigration. It includes both German, European and global experience. Of particular note is certainly the contribution by the Chairman of the DVV, Dr. Ernst-Dieter Rossmann, MP, whose well-reasoned plea for the public responsibility of further education combines many of the core beliefs of DVV and DVV International.

•In the third part, Adult education and development, the focus is on a basic constituent part of the work of DVV International and Heribert Hinzen, the combination of adult education and development. This connection defines the global uniqueness of DVV International, which is nourished by the belief that youth and adult education outside the formal system can play an important, often a central part, in the creation of equal opportunities and emancipation.

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