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EBSN Annual Conference 2013 - The Eur-Alpha Learner’s Manifesto presentation


The presentation is given on the Annual Conference of the Eropean Basic Skills Networks (EBSN) in Madrid. The title of the coference is 'Opening doors - Developing partnerships for basic skills training beyond the classroom.'

The presentation presents EUR-Alpha, which is a European network of exchanges between literacy and numeracy practitioners, learners, trainers, researchers, policymakers. It counted 16 partners coming from 12 different countries (ACEFIR - Spain, AÇEV - Turkey, AEFTI - French, ANOP - Portugal, DIE - Germany, FACEPA - Spain, Learning Connections - Scotland, Lire et Ecrire - Belgium, Lire et Ecrire - Switzerland, LPIA - Latvia, UoM - Greece, QUB – Northern Ireland; Stichting voor Volkshogeschoolwerk - Nederlands; CAEA - Cyprus; UIL - Germany; WIT - Ireland; CFAES G. Rapon – Guyana, French). Duration: Oct. 2009 – Sept. 2012

EUR-Alpha aims at supporting and developing best quality practice in literacy and numeracy in Europe by:

• the development and support of the learners voicing of opinions and participation• the improvement of the educational practices facilitating learners self-determination and participation

The Manifesto is available on the EUR-Alpha’s website as download in different languages: 

DutchEnglishFrenchGermanPortugueseSlovene and Spanish.

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