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ChildIN Ressources Database


A Database of Ressources was developed in the framework of the ChildIN project, funded under the European Commission's Erasmus+ programme.

The ChildIN project was launched in November 2018 and will end in April 2021. Its main objective is to propose a specific training to childminders in order to support inclusion of children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). The project is implemented by a consortium of 6 partners from 4 EU member states: France, Portugal, Poland, and Belgium.

This Database is an online tool available on the project website, and is currently composed of more than 200 useful and reliable resources such as books, academic articles and journals, videos, serious games, and websites, all dealing with childminding and autism among children. These resources were carefully selected and evaluated by the project partners and their network of stakeholders, professionals but also parents of children with autism. Moreover, the reliability of each resource was evaluated by focussing on the following 3 dimensions: the quality of learning, the security (especially for online games for children with ASD), the scientific solidarity and social inclusion. The available resources are in English but also in all the languages of the consortium: French, Portuguese, and Polish.


In order to facilitate the browsing, a search engine is available and enables the users to search resources by keywords or to perform an advanced research by type of resource, author, year, or resource category, etc.

This tool is addressed to childminders, parents and families dealing with ASD, VET providers, and any other interested individual or organisation, wishing to broaden their knowledge, to self-train or to update a training programme. Thus, ChildIN Ressources Database contributes, at EU level, to the improvement of childminders education and training but also to the awareness raising about autism and social inclusion.

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