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ISEV - a transformative intergenerational learning model (evaluation report)

The report presents the findings of the evaluation carried on during the implementation of the European project “Inclusive Senior Education through Virtual U3A (ISEV)”, implemented between the years 2017 and 2020, as part of European Programme Erasmus+ Strategic Partnerships for Adult Education, that promotes continuous lifelong learning, independently on location, health conditions, financial standing and family/social condition. The aim of the specific project is to make education more accessible to Seniors (the term Seniors, here, refers to people over 65 years of age), eliminating barriers and adapting the educational activities to their specific needs.

The report provides information about the impact of the ISEV intergenerational learning model on the beneficiaries, measured in terms of acquired social and digital knowledge. The report also highlights the outcomes of the interaction between the senior learners and the youngsters involved. The evaluation was carried out applying a mixed method, including questionnaires and interviews, exploring both the contribution of intergenerational learning to digital and social inclusion, and the promotion of greater understanding and solidarity between generations. This research consisted of the study of pilot cases in Italy, Portugal and Czech Republic, involving different generations (youth, and Seniors) in intergenerational learning activities for the acquisition and development of digital skills.

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