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Activism & Participation - Digital Transformation in Adult Learning for Active Citizenship

Social movements' transform (digitally) and also the idea and ways of active participation. The authors underline the relevance of both online and offline forms of participation in a world where (hack)tivists and movements play an increasingly major role in local communities and in the global processes. From the tech universe to social feminist organizations, they highlight movements that have mapped out an important path in empowering citizens and brought citizens' voices into the public. The brochure concludes with some reflection about how participation will change in the future and about the necessary competences for participation of citizens under the conditions of the (digital) transformation age.

Published under a Creative Commons CC-BY-SA 4.0 International license. 52 pages.

Authors: Elisa Rapetti and Ricardo Vieira Caldas.With contributions of: Diego Ceccobelli, Gustavo Briz, Nils-Eyk Zimmermann and Sulev Valdmaa

  • New on/offline behaviours & hacktivism
  • Plural forms of participation
  • Trust and Participatory Governance
  • Citizenship Competence

Created in the context of the project DIGIT-AL Digital Transformation in Adult Learning for Active Citizenship

  •  Arbeitskreis deutscher Bildungsstätten, Berlin, Germany
  •  DARE Democracy and Human Rights Education in Europe, Brussels, Belgium
  •  Jaan Tõnissoni Instituut, Tallinn, Estonia
  •  Rede Inducar, Porto, Portugal
  •  Partners Bulgaria Foundation, Sofia, Bulgaria
  •  Izglītības attīstības centrs, Riga, Latvia
  •  Centro per la Cooperazione Internazionale, Trento, Italy
Resource Details
Brochure: Activism and Participation.
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Elisa Rapetti, Ricardo Vieira Caldas
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Otevřené zdroje vzdělávání
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