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EPALE Discussion: Active Ageing and Life Transitions

What is challenging about life transitions? How could Intergenerational learning help with Active Ageing and Life Transitions?

On 15 July 2021 at 10 a.m. CEST we will host a live-streamed discussion on Active Ageing and Life Transitions, moderated by Gina Ebner and Christin Cieslak of the EAEA joined by Dina Soeiro and Susannah Chambers.

EAEA's representatives will engage Dina and Susannah in a discussion on Active Ageing and Life Transitions. What do we mean when we use those terms? What are the potential chances and challenges which might come with Active Ageing and during Life Transitions?

The Topics

Our guest speakers will talk about the individual and the European level. We will also have a look at the current stand of Active Ageing in Europe and will explore whether and how the EU currently supports Active Ageing and Life Transitions. The discussion will also focus on what best practice examples can teach us about how to foster Active Ageing in a realistic, non-idealised way, creating more inter-generational solidarity and cohesion in Europe.

  • What do we mean by active ageing?
  • What is challenging about life transitions?
  • How could Intergenerational learning help with Active Ageing and Life Transitions?

The Speakers

Dina Soeiro, a member of the Directive Commission at the Portuguese Association for Culture and Permanent Education (APCEP) and newly confirmed board member of EAEA, Dina has 22 years of teaching experience as professor at the Polytechnic Institute of Coimbra.

Susannah Chambers, is a Family Learning expert with 17 years of experience designing and delivering intergenerational learning. She is the founder of Families Learning and is passionate about the power and unique potential of Family Learning as a vehicle to support active ageing and life transitions. She has 3 children and has dual British-Slovak nationality.


Save the Date!

The discussion will take place here on 15 July 2021 starting from 10 a.m. CEST with a live streaming, followed by a writter discussion hosting your contributions. The written discussion will be moderated by the EAEA.

You are warmly invited to share you experience and initiatives on Active Ageing, Intergenerational Cooperation and Solidarity, and Life Transitions. Comments will be open in advance, starting from 2 July 2021.



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