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Hispanissimo is an SME, focusing on digital Spanish learning within the education sector. Our combined learning approach is through an online campus and a personal Spanish tutor which offers flexible hours to suit our students’ needs. We offer 5 levels of Hispanissimo, aligned with the internationally recognized standards set by the Common European Framework of Reference (CERFR), accommodating all levels from A1-C1. Furthermore, we consider ourselves a language learning R&D promoter as we are trying to take language learning to a new level.

What do we do?

Despite our core business function nowadays is to help people to learn spanish online across the world with personalized digital lessons, we aim to become a technological company, providing innovative solutions to learn languages online. At the moment, we are testing with several methodologies and tools and we are looking forward to partner with universities, adult education entities and others in order to test those. Our aim with our new methodology is to facilitate learning new languages for adults, and break the language barrier improving their employability and integration in international job markets. What are we interested in?

  • Developing relations with educational entities willing to cooperate and work in projects to develop the future of the language learning, open to work with innovative and non usual approaches. 
  • Work with adult education entities to help us understand better the special needs of their students when learning a new language.
  • Creating innovative solutions for education.  



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