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Zainteresovani ste za saradnju s drugima iz cijele Evrope, ali još uvijek nemate određenu ideju?

Dodajte svoju organizaciju

Dodajte svoju organizaciju u EPALE pretragu partnera da biste istakli profil i dali drugima do znanja da se želite uključiti u panevropsku saradnju.


Dodajte što više informacija o svojoj organizaciji i vrsti aktivnosti u koje ste uključeni da biste pomogli drugima da vas pronađu.

Dio organizacije?

Navedite to na našoj web stranici! Kliknite na donji linki dodajte svoju organizaciju!

Pronađite najnovije informacije o tome kako EU promovira politiku obrazovanja odraslih

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Élményakadémia was founded in 2005 by 12 young volunteers, who - based on their personal experiences - believed that non-formal education is an essential tool for the development of groups and individuals. The objective of the organization is to provide opportunities for youth a...
Hungarian Water Skyball Association (HWSBA) is an umbrella organisation of water skyball sport clubs in Hungary. HWSBA was founded in 2019 by 10 water skyball sport clubs. HWSBA represents and promotes the water skyball sport on national and international levels. The HWSBA annou...
Fontanus Center is a research center in Hungary completely sponsored by private resources. Our colleagues have been doing scientific research for more than 10 years by using the knowledge of different scientific fields (methodology, physical education, medicine, psychology, soci...
The mission of our company is to facilitate the economic transformation in an environmentally friendly manner by providing consultancy services in the field of sustainable development, energy efficiency, and renewable energy sources. The organisation and its employees are commit...
Menhely Foundation is an NGO in Budapest with services for homeless people, social workers and the general public.  It plays a central role among homeless organizations in Budapest and Central Hungary. It's a pioneer in involving homeless clients in its work and especially aware...
CodeBerry is a fully localized & gamified coding school for non-English speakers.The world will be short of 2 million IT workers by 2020. People want to learn coding but engaging and effective materials are available only in English. 97% of the people strongly prefer to stud...