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Ubele Initiative

United Kingdom.

The Ubele Initiative (Ubele) was registered in 2014 as an African Diaspora-led intergenerational social enterprise – our primary mission is to help build more sustainable communities across the UK. Ubele (taken from Swahili for ‘the future’), has developed using a bottom-up, community-based approach. Although African Diaspora led, we have a culturally diverse team and support a wide range of communities, community-based organisations and groups with their community assets (people and physical spaces), through social action, community enterprise development and next-generation leadership initiatives. We design and deliver local, regional, national projects and international programmes as well as being involved in policy initiatives and campaigns.


Ubele is unique in that it offers frontline (community-based) initiatives through to high-level strategic interventions locally, nationally and internationally. Some of the core values which underpin our approach when working with individuals, organisations and communities include, that:

  • The ‘expertise’ are held within local communities
  • Harnessing our collective wisdom can help the creation of ‘own solutions’
  • We adopt a spirit of curiosity which can lead to new insights
  • As facilitators we walk beside local communities acting as a resource for them. i.e. facilitating, mentoring, coaching and providing best practice modelling
  • We ‘learn through doing’, drawing on creative methods which empower individuals and groups 


Ubele’s work with empowering BME communities in the UK was cited in the national commission report 'People Power - The Future of Localism' (2018). In 2018, Ubele provided support to more than 300 individual staff and volunteers linked to 66 organisations through the delivery of an impressive range of local, national and international interventions. Recent projects are:

  • Mali Enterprising Leaders
  • Wolves Lane Community Food hub and Market
  • Young Emerging Leaders Programme
  • Lloyd Leon Community Centre
  • Wise Women Wellness


 International projects:

  • MEL Europe
  • The Sankofa Intergenerational Learning Hub
  • Black To The Future II
  • Working On Our Power
  • Welcomeship


Apart from its own projects, Ubele has an incubating scheme that mentors and coach small businesses and enterprises to develop their projects or perhaps materialise their ideas. Incubating projects includes Leading Routes, Our space-open projects. 81 acts of Exuberant Defiance and Black Rootz.


Further information about specific projects could be accessed via the website:

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