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Državna služba podrške - Italy

Državna služba podrške - Italy

INDIRE - Agenzia Erasmus+


NSS Italy is managed by INDIRE -  Agenzia Erasmus+.

Lorenza Venturi is the Head of Unit and is responsible for the coordination and management of all the Italian EPALE National Support Service activities. Her role is also to develop wide-ranging synergies with the main players in the field of Adult Learning – both at national and European level – such as the Erasmus+ programme, the Adult Learning Agenda, Indire’s research and the national policies by the relevant Ministries and regional and local stakeholders.

Martina Blasi and Daniela Ermini are in charge of the development and implementation of the platform and its contents. Based on a continuous investigation in the field of adult learning, they contribute to develop the editorial planning, they write articles and edit resources by experts, supervising the quality. They are also reference persons for the national network of EPALE Ambassadors (Martina) and Stakeholders (Daniela) at national and regional level. Moreover, they are in charge of organising events, workshops and seminars on priority topics and themes in AL, of presenting EPALE during meetings, conferences and infodays, as well as through articles for third parties, both on line and for the printed press.

Alessandra Ceccherelli is in charge of communication: she takes care of promoting and disseminating EPALE through several multimedia and multimodal channels, feeding the EPALE social media  (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube) and connecting with the media, besides looking after the visual identity coordination and the production of promotional materials. She is also active in the production of content for the platform and in stimulating users and experts to contribute actively, liaising in particular with Ruiap, the Network of Italian Universities on Apprendimento permanente, for the production of the Epale Journal on Adult Learning and Continuing Education. .

Giacomo Scarzanella takes care of the Italian EPALE users via the dedicated telephone, e-mail and on line helpdesk, as well as in the course of events, when he also manages the selection, registration and support of participants, looking after the logistical details. Occasionally Giacomo also deals with the video and photo coverage of events.

Benedetta Perissi is the hyper efficient administrative support of the Italian NSS, in charge of all procurements necessary for the implementation of the activities foreseen in the work plan. In the course of events, together with Giacomo, she manages the logistical details and supports participants with administrative procedures.


Unità nazionale EPALE Italia

Via Cesare Lombroso, 6/1550134 Firenze